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ECP Services
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Live Line Energized Services

East Coast Powerlines crews can maintain, upgrade and rebuild virtually any distribution or transmission high voltage line with little or no power interruptions. We achieve this through highly-specialized work techniques, tools and equipment adapted for both distribution, transmission projects. We can provide experienced services in;

  • Live line rubber glove and/or hot stick work up to 25 kV

  • Live line barehand and/or hot stick work to 500 kV

  • Helicopter long line, skid/platform and hoisting to work energized lines

  • Testing and Certification of Rubber Gloves/Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Hot sticks and Booms

Image by Daniel Olah

Transmission Powerline Services

East Coast Powerline provides a wide range of electrical services, utilizing the superior experience and capabilities of one of the most safe, well-trained, and reliable workforces in the industry. Our leadership and crews have built, repaired and maintained some of the most challenging projects across North America with experience including work with specialized conductors;

  • Fiber Optics (OPGW/ADSS/SkyWrap)

  • Composite Core (3M-ACCR)

  • JPS-ACS (32.67mmDia. @ 4.735kg/m)

  • 2627 ACSS / Trap Wire


Construction of multiple 500 kv projects with 3 & 4 bundle in mountainous terrains with large river/highway & glacier crossings, work in protected wetlands lands and extreme winter conditions in Northern Canada. We have extensive helicopter experience with work in multiple countries and with over 15 different helicopter companies across the world including live line helicopter methods and heavy set tower construction with sky cranes. No matter the challenge we find the safest and most effective solution to help you get the deepest foundations to the tallest structures and every inch of line in between while our crews are committed to the same quality workmanship and professionalism required to deliver the project in a timely manner within budget.

Image by Daniel Olah

Emergency Response / Storm Restoration

In the event of storm damage, we stay focused on our core safety, integrity and quality values. Working efficiently around the clock to restore power to our clients. We stage and mobilize crews and equipment strategically so that we are ready to help when we are needed. By maintaining experienced and skilled workforces in multiple regions we stay ready to deploy at a moment’s notice 24x7.

Image by Daniel Olah

Distribution Powerline Construction

East Coast Powerline provides both underground and overhead electrical power distribution services. We have the experience and resources to complete any distribution project to specifications, with our personal, safety-focused approach

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